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Towing Specialists

Swanney & McDonald is a third generation owned and operated tow company, with long standing professional employees who strive to provide up to date, safe, honest, and reliable service for all our neighbors and patrons. We operate a fleet of 8 tow trucks/wheel lift and 4 flat beds, 4 forklifts, and 1 shop truck. As the Southwest Division of the Official Police Garage of Los Angeles, OPG, we dispatch and impound approximately 10,000 vehicles per year for the Los Angeles Police Department and Department of Transportation in addition to many private locations in our area. We have the latest advancements in radio communications giving you an average response time of under twenty minutes. Our computer technology keeps tract of vehicles, fees, and communicates with the Official Police Garage of Los Angeles Database and allows the customer to see the location of their vehicle, current fees and important releasing information.

Private Towing

Swanney & McDonald is available for your business and private location towing. With a simple free contract with Swanney & McDonald, when unauthorized vehicles are parked on your property call us to have the vehicle removed at no charge to the property owner. The vehicle owner will be responsible for this payment. We use the same professionalism, dedication, high quality and safety for all our customers.

All our locations are ADA Compliant. Please contact our staff if special accommodations are needed to view and or pick up your vehicle.

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Weekly Auctions

Towing Specialists, Inc., dba Swanney & McDonald conducts its own lien sale auctions. Our average sales range from 30 to 50 vehicles per week at our 28th Street location. If you wish to buy a vehicle please bring a valid driver's license and cash. No credit cards, debit cards or checks accepted. All sales are as is and final. No cash discount at auction. All vehicles are subject to LA City storage tax.
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Achieving Customer Satisfaction

A major component of our customer satisfaction program is community service. We view everyone in our service area as a neighbor and potential customer. Our goal is to be a responsible and compassionate business by helping our community meet local needs. Also, our support of local projects in partnership with our business colleagues, contributes to building personal and lasting friendships that translate into higher OPG service quality.


In 1934 John F. Swanney and Alan McDonald started a repair garage at 241 West 23rd Street with 12 employees. John F. Swanney bought Mr. McDonald out in the early 1950’s. In 1949, Swanney & McDonald began towing for the City of Los Angeles in what is now called Southwest District. A formal OPG designation was received in 1951. In 1965 after the death of John F. Swanney, the decision to close the division of Swanney & McDonald wrecking yard was made. The Swanney family has owned and operated the company since1965 under the corporate name Towing Specialists, Inc. doing business as Swanney & McDonald. Long standing CTTA member and Official Police Garage for the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics.

OPG Website & Mission Statement
The OPGs are dedicated to meeting the needs of the City of Los Angeles, the LAPD and the DOT, while, at the same time, maintaining high standards of quality and safety for our customers.

OPGs offer the City an array of vital services that collectively help protect the public safety of motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. They facilitate the flow of traffic along major City streets, calming traffic within residential neighborhoods and mitigating the traffic impact associated with new developments. Ultimately, OPGs help keep Los Angeles and Angelenos moving.

The Los Angeles Police Commission and its Commission Investigation Division (CID) oversee the regulation of the OPGs, including state and local regulatory compliance, complaints and the setting of uniform policies, procedures and rates.

Towing & Storage Rates

1st Day Charge LAPD/DOT/Private Other
Tow Rate 162.00 238.50
Storage 50.00 77.00
City Parking Tax 5.00 7.70
City Vehicle Release Fee 115.00 0
Total 332.00 323.20
Motorcycle 1st Day Charge LAPD/DOT/Private Other
Tow Rate 162.00 238.50
Storage 14.00 77.00
City Parking Tax 1.40 7.70
City Vehicle Release Fee 115.00 0
Total 292.40 323.20
After Midnight LAPD/DOT/Private Other
Storage 50.00 77.00
City Parking Tax 5.00 7.70
Total 55.00 84.70
Fee increases each day at midnight
Release at Scene LAPD/DOT/Private Other
Release at Scene Charge 277.00 238.50

After 3 Days an additional Lien Sale Fee of $35.00 up to $100.00 will be charged.

Split payments with Credit, ATM cards and cash will not be subject to the discounted fee rates.

Vehicles with GVW of 10,001 to 26,000 Tow 300.50, cash discount 146.50 for 1st hour each half hour afterwards 150.00, cash discount 146.50

*Cash Discounts only apply for vehicles towed after 1/10/2012

Vehicle Impound Release

Prior to visiting our location, please contact our office or check the OPG website for any relevant holds on vehicles. Bring proof of ownership and valid driver's license.


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Phone: (323) 733-6898
Fax: (323) 733-4988


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Auto Auction

Every Tuesday
Gates Open: 9:00am
Auction Starts: 10:00am

1224 E 28th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90011

*All sales are cash only. All sales are final. All sales as is.